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Letter from the chair…


Here we are nearing the end of the year for the Pastoral Leadership Council.  We will soon elect new members. I’d like to thank Amber Zak, Leo McCarthy and Angela Carney for their dedication and hard work over the last three years.  With having finished their terms, we now look forward to new members joining us soon.

Over this past year, our council worked to bring all parish members and committees together to work toward fulfilling our Mission Statement promise of making our Parish a welcoming place centered in Jesus Christ and moving outward to fulfill God’s mission.  We talked a great deal about what this means and how we’ll get there. We partnered with several other committees and parish members over the year to work toward this goal of hospitality to all. Hospitality means different things to different people and we’re working to do our best to make all feel welcome and loved at St. Mary’s.  As a group we also met more often than planned as we experienced the post Alpha course of “What On Earth Am I Here For?”. This was a great way for our team to learn more about God’s call for each of us and at the same time try to discern His call for our Parish.

Please let us know if there is any topic you’d like for Pastoral Leadership Council to address in the upcoming year.  The Pastoral Leadership Council is your council, we’re here to serve.

Peace to you,

Cindy Boyer

Pastoral Leadership Council Chairperson



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